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If you want to upload a manual by ftp, use an FTP client (we chose Filezilla, one of the best FREE ftp clients outhere):

1. First, install Filezilla (it's a simple process). Download the version for your computer (for Windows use the setup.exe version) and install as you would any other application.

2. After install, select File > Site Manager in the menu of the application, then complete the fields as in the images below (first the ftp details, then the remote directory details - below the image)

server/ip: (default port - 21)
username: anonim
password: equaihoz

3. Press OK.

4. Choose Site Manager and FTP RMC, as in the image below:

5. Now, choose the folder where you have the manuals on your computer and upload, as in the image below:

You can upload any files you want to, but only .pdf, .zip and .rar files will make it on the site. You cannot download any files already there, on the FTP server, though.